H&S Mini Maxx Race Tuner – Ford 6.4


This high performance product is intended SOLELY for closed-course racing use and is not street legal in ANY state. This product cannot be used on any vehicles registered or certified for highway use. Please check your local, state, and federal laws before purchasing!

This product MUST be run with race exhaust! Do not leave the DPF on the vehicle if running this product.

Allows removal of the DPF system and ALL related sensors (nothing needs to go into the race exhaust)
Precisely tune engine with HP increases of 0-250HP
Approximate size: 3.5″ x 2″ (2″ x 1.5″ color screen) Black Maxx / Mini Maxx Size Comparison
Speedometer recalibration for use of non-stock size tires or gearing
Automatic safety backdown. Controlled by EGT, Boost, Trans. Temp, and Coolant Temp
Remove / Adjust top speed limiter
Allows removal of the entire EGR system including cooler with no trouble codes
Turn off EGR without removing ANY parts
Read / Clear Diagnostic Trouble Codes
Custom Tunes are FREE to download. See HERE .
Internet updateable w/included SD Memory Card and USB Cable
Digital gauges to monitor 20+ parameters
Transmission tuning included w/custom downloads available HERE
Power Levels
Stock HP w/ stock exhaust
Stock HP w/ race exhaust
80 HP w/ race exhaust
160 HP w/ race exhaust
250 HP w/ race exhaust

2008 – 2010 FORD POWERSTROKE 6.4L

Not street legal. Race or Off-road use only.

Check out MINI MAXX mounting solutions.

– STOCK: 648 Ft-Lb Torque & 306 HP
– HOT: 1287 Ft-Lb Torque & 582 HP!!!

*** Aftermarket air intake system required for any tunes above the MILD (60hp) setting ***

*** Trucks with suspension lift kits may require Traction Bars in order to improve Axle Wrap and Shift Quality ***

*** Trucks with Aftermarket High Pressure Fuel Pumps will need custom tuning, contact H&S for details ***

High Power Diesel

Call 954-213-7733 For Pricing

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