High Power Diesel EGR Delete with Wastegate & CFM+

EGR Delete Kit with Wastegate, This kit comes with & CFM+ Intake Elbow and Adapter Plate- This kit allows for the complete removal the EGR system from your truck. Utilizes existing EGR exhaust port to incorporate external wastegate to control resulting increase in backpressure. Includes water port plugs, CFM+ intake elbow, adapter plate and wastegate with piping. This kit requires you to weld in the wastegate pipe to your existing downpipe. This modification is for competition use only. Installing this kit on your truck will make it illegal to use in any manner in which federal or local emission laws apply (which means pretty much any form of daily driving). We will not sell you this kit unless you sign a waiver and agree to use it only in legal situations.

High Power Diesel

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