High Power Diesel Custom Up-Pipes For 6.0 Manifolds With EGR Provision

High Power Diesel Performance 6.4 up-pipes for 6.4 manifolds are all built order at our in house fabrication department. Our Uppipes are all assembled and built to assure you recieve a great product with precision fitment. High custom 6.4 up-pipes for 6.0 manifolds allow the use of 2003-2007 Ford 6.0 Exhaust manifolds on 2008-2010 6.4 engines. The use
of 6.0 manifolds on 6.4 engines allows for a much stronger up-pipedesign. Factory 6.4 manifolds have been prone to split at the exhaust
manifold exit into the up pipe due to the extreme 90 degree bend upward in the up pipe to the turbo. This area sees a great amount of
heat and pressure as the exhaust exits the manifold and enters the thin walled factory piping. The 6.0 exhaust manifold alleviates this
problem as the cast iron manifold makes the curve upward. The 6.0 manifold allows the bend upward to be made in a much stronger curved bend in the cast iron manifold rather than the thin walled piping. Due to the bend being incorporated into the manifold, up-pipe cracking is nearly impossible. To further increase durability, the up-pipes use the same Heavy Duty bellows as all of our other upgraded up-pipes giving the end user a heavy increase in strength and reliability. The use of the Rudy’s custom up-pipe configuration has been proven to produce a minor jump in power along with the piece of mind that pre turbo exhaust is much stronger. These up-pipes are available with and without EGR port on the passengers side up-pipe for use with EGR deletes utilizing a wastegate. Please select during checkout with or without EGR port.We recommend the use of a 6.0 Backpressure sensor tube when installing 6.0 manifolds and custom up-pipes. Please call for more information or to order yours with 6.0 backpressure tube.

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