H/D Custom Uppipes for Steed Speed Manifolds

Introducing the newest product in the Rudy’s Diesel Performance Custom Up-pipe line up. These up-pipes are designed for use of High
Flow Steed Speed manifolds with 6.4L Power Strokes and have been engineered to withstand the demands of high performance diesel
enthusiasts.The Steed Speed up-pipes utilize 2.5″ V-band flanges to provide users with an easy install to the manifolds. From the V-band flange, the full stainless up-pipes transition into large diameter, thick walled, schedule 40 tubing to prevent common factory up-pipe cracking and expansion which normally leads to failure at the 90 degree bend towards the turbo inlet flanges. All tubing after the bend has been upgraded to larger wall thickness 11ga stainless steel for supreme durability in high EGT and Backpressure applications.
The Steed Speed up pipes are availible in multiple different variations to taylor to your current setup. Two different flex joint
bellows, Standard duty and Heavy Duty, are offered to insure the end user recieves exactly what their vehicle needs.
Our Standard duty bellows are a offered to upgrade over the stock, problematic Ford bellows. These bellows have been tested to nearly
85psi backpressure and are recommended for trucks under 750whp using stock fuel or very minor fuel mods without the use of additional power adders such as nitrous.With the heavy duty bellows, an aircraft grade inconel bellow is used for extreme abuse, heat and pressure. These bellows have been proven to hold excessive heat and pressure over 120 psi and have been tried
and proven Rudy’s Drag truck and Sled pull truck. The heavy duty bellow option is recommended for all trucks 750+whp with moderate to extreme fuel mods and with any setup using additional power adders
such as nitrous. Please contact us for any additional information or questions you may have regaurding the Steed Speed Custom up-pipes availible from Rudy’s diesel.** Slight Firewall modification and clearancing on drivers side may be required when using Rudy’s custom up-pipes for Steed Speed manifolds to eliminate minor noise and vibration concerns.

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