BD Diesel Up Pipe & Manifold Kit

The BD 6.4L Up-Pipe and Manifold Kit allows you to replace the exhaust manifolds and factory up-pipes which are prone to blowing out the factory bellows due to high exhaust temperatures.

BD exhaust manifolds have heavy walled elbow connections preventing burning out, plus, hold in exhaust gas temperatures enhancing turbine pumping efficiency while the runners have been optimized to improve velocity and evacuate the cylinders. Manifolds are coated to resist corrosion and are pre-drilled for pyrometer probes.

Other manufactures’ kits utilize stock Ford 6.0L exhaust manifolds which are prone to rusting and leaking, and, require extensive cleaning and machine work to be recovered from warping and distortion. BD’s exhaust manifolds are not only built to last, they are designed for the most optimal flow performance.

The 304 Stainless Steel feed pipes are mandrel bent flow designed to improve exhaust velocity and turbo response time, they also do not an EGR provision. Kit comes with exhaust manifold gaskets, turbocharger pipe gaskets and A/C offset adapter to eliminate damaging the A/C hose form touching the BD Exhaust Manifolds.

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