6.4L Ford Victor Reinz Engine Upper Gasket Set

Victor Reinz, a MAHLE Clevite brand, is the largest manufacturer of gaskets in the world today, producing gaskets for virtually every engine manufacturer producing engines worldwide. Victor Reinz uses materials that are on the cutting edge of the automotive & industrial communities most demanding and complex sealing requirements.
Everything you need for a headgasket job

Parts List-

2) Throttle Body gaskets
2) Intake Manifold Gaskets
2) Exhaust Manifold Gaskets
2) Victor Reinz Head Gaskets
1) Thermostat Housing Gaskets
1) Oil Cooler O-Ring
1) Oil Cooler Gasket
2) EGR Cooler Gasket
1) EGR Valve O-Ring
4) Valve Cover O-Ring
1) Crankcase Cover
2) Valve Cover Gaskets
16) Injector Grommets
1) Turbo Install
20) Valve Cover Grommets
11) Intake Manifold O-Rings
8) Rail to Injector Line
32) Valve Stem Seals
4) Cylinder Head Plug
8) Injector Nozzle Washer
8) Fuel Injector O-ring
1) Oil Manifold Gasket
2) Rocker Box Gaskets

High Power Diesel

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